Struttura: the support raised access floor to be later covered.
Available also with integrated heating system.

Struttura is the latest generation of raised access floor designed by Monotile for specific use that completes an already wide choice. Struttura is designed to be covered after installation with any type of desired material: self-installing moquette, PVC, rubber, linoleum…
Struttura is a raised access floor panel, with an half-finished surface, but maintaining the features typical of Tecnika and Tecnicomfort.

Struttura is an economic panel also available with an integrated electric and hydronic heating system.
Struttura can be also an effective solution for the heavy-traffic areas where for health reasons is required a particular coating: hospitals, health-medical areas, laboratories, retirement homes
and schools.

The range of Monotile raised access floor


Designed to be covered with any type of desired material, keeps all the structural features of the Tecnika and Tecnicomfort floors, but not the aesthetic ones.
The surface is diamond half-finished, the corners only slightly beveled and the lower part mechanically rectified. The panels are anti-static, and insensitive to moisture.


A concrete-based agglomerated monolithic panel, designed for the installation of high quality floors suitable for heavy-traffic pedestrian areas.
It ensures great stability, safety, and sound insulation features.
Available in various colors and finishing.


It keeps the same technical and aesthetic features of the Tecnika floor but it is fitted with an heating system integrated in panel’s body.