Natural heating raised flooring: all you need is Tecnicomfort.

International innovation: with Tecnicomfort, the heating system is integrated in the panel!

The innovation of the Tecnicomfort panel is based on a heating system integrated in the panel’s body during the press operation. It can be an electric heating system for areas up to 400m² or else an hydronic heating/cooling one, suitable for wider areas.

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Thermal, low-cost and efficient

The low thermal-inertia of the panel allows to reach the desired temperature in a very short time and guarantees a consistent and efficient heat distribution. Heats quickly and uniformly small to big areas.

Ecologic and 100% fire resistant

Tecnicomfort panels are made exclusively by natural materials: it is obtained by pressing a water, cement and marble composed mixture – without using either resins nor solvents.

Tecnicomfort Raised Access Floor Heating System Benefits

Energy saving and no maintenance

Highly integrated with the modern domotic systems

Maximum flexibility in designing and wide range of colours and material

100% fire resistant, non-combustible

Natural and ecologic

Quick achievement of set temperatures