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Tecnika, the strength of raised floorings

Tecnika  is a monolithic panel of conglomerated marble grit used to produce the laying of raised floorings in areas with elevated walking traffic. Teknica is a product patented by Monotile Trading.

Tecnika panels are 600x600 mm, conceived in a wide range of different textures and colours, in order to inspire creativity as they discretely match with any type of space: from an extreme design to a classic taste suitable for spaces with historical features.

Why would you choose a raised flooring?

There are several advantages by installing a raised access floor: first of all it is possible to fix, directly under the floor piping, cables and electrical plants. Moreover, Tecnika can be quickly laid as it doesn’t require any building work: the panels may be easily and rapidly removed if maintenance is needed or space rearrangements are required.

The installation of a raised access floor gives better thermal and acoustic insulation as it separates the impact level from the structure of the building.

The advantages of Tecnika

  • Space for cables, piping and electrical plants
    The panels are installed without any building work and it’s possible to modify all underlying systems with no demolition.

  • Resistant to elevated stress
    The characteristic electro-welded steel net embedded in the single layer panel guarantees an extraordinary resistance and lift of heavy weights.

  • Exclusive outlining
    The panels are provided with an exclusive perimetral outlining that protects them during the laying and throughout time. The borders, available in two different colors, are applied during the production phase and integrated into the panel itself: this will avoid any detachment of the outlining after a seepage, a thermal shock or the natural process of deterioration of the glue. 

  • Patented system
    Tecnika is a patented system of Monotile, because of it the concept of raised floorings has been revolutionized.



  • Completely Green
    The completely eco-friendly Tecnika panels are produced by compressing natural materials into a single layer at very high pressures. The components such as water, cement, marble powder and marble or quartz chips are totally devoid of resin.

  • Fire reaction Class 0
    Tecnika panels are made of natural raw materials satisfying the requirements of ‘Class 0’ fire reaction class requisites, according to the Ministriel Decree 14/01/85.

  • Freedom and flexibility in design
    Tecnika is a perfectly suitable product for outdoor structures. Its different materials can be used for any type of architectural style maintaining its practical function.

  • Anti-static panel
    Due to its special rear structure, it is an efficient acoustic insulation fitting environments such as laboratories and shopping centers.

Tecnika’s materials and colors

Tecnika is perfectly suitable for any type of design or architecture, classic or modern, because of the different types of coverings that it offers.

LE PIETRE series (The Stones)
The use of micro inert of quartz, 5.25 best quality white cement and mineral-based dyes, provide a product characterized by extreme hardness, compactness and an appearance similar to that of natural stones.
The special significantly satinated surface treatment returns nice tactile sensations perfectly integrating with the visual perception of the product naturalness. The product is related to the well-known Monotile Trading Srl. production philosophy supporting the use of wholly natural and recyclable materials agreeing with the standards of green building and environmental protection.

I MARMI series (The Marbles)
The use of marble chips in different colors and sizes, accurately examined and selected, all put together with 5.25 quality white cement. The different colors and sizes of the marble chips take us through the history of the flooring, from the bigger particles typical of Venetian layings used in ancient times to the thin marble chips that characterize modern architecture. 

The colors in the pictures and the samples or counter samples provided, are to be considered merely descriptive and are not binding for sales.
Slightly different structures and colors are caused by the natural source of the products used and cannot be reason of objection.