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Completely New

The Teknicomfort panel has the heating system incorporated in the panel!

The innovation of the Teknicomfort panels is embedding the heating system in the  panel during its manufacturing.

The system can be electrical, very useful for surfaces up to 400 sq.m., or hydronic, ideal for larger areas.

Thermal, inexpensive and efficient

The panel’s low thermal inertia has the surface reach the desired temperature in a short time, to guarantee a regular and efficient heat distribution. It quickly and uniformly heats both medium-small spaces as well as large environments.

Green and totally fire-resistant

The Teknicomfort panels are exclusively made of natural substances: the mixture is the result of a highly powered pressing and reduced density of a blend composed by water, cement, marble powder and chips, with no resin or solvents.

The advantages of Teknicomfort

  • Low energy consumption and easy maintenance

  • Elevated integration with modern automated systems

  • Freedom of design and high range of personalized colors and materials

  • Entirely fire-resistant panels, Class zero resistance to fire

  • Totally green and natural flooring

  • Quick reach of warm temperature

Materials and colors of the Teknicomfort series

Tecknicomfort is perfectly suitable for any type of design or architecture, classic or modern, because of the different types of coverings that it offers.
LE PIETRE series (The Stones)
The use of micro inert of quartz, 5.25 best quality white cement and mineral-based dyes, provide a product characterized by extreme hardness, compactness and an appearance similar to that of natural stones.
The special significantly satinated surface treatment returns nice tactile sensations perfectly integrating with the visual perception of the product naturalness. The product is related to the well-known Monotile Trading Srl. production philosophy supporting the use of wholly natural and recyclable materials agreeing with the standards of green building and environmental protection.  

I MARMI series (The Marbles)
The use of marble chips in different colors and sizes, accurately examined and selected, all put together with 5.25 quality white cement. The different colors and sizes of the marble chips take us through the history of the flooring, from the bigger particles typical of Venetian layings used in ancient times to the thin marble chips that characterize modern architecture.  
The colors in the pictures and the samples or counter samples provided, are to be considered merely descriptive and are not binding for sales.
Slightly different structures and colors are caused by the natural source of the products used and cannot be reason of objection.

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